5 / 42 O'Riordan Street 2015 Alexandria, NSW
Phone: 33601698337
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Grandma's Sweets

Grandma's Jams

Enjoy Grandma´s homestyle Jams made with love and traditional old-fashioned recipes.

Our Jams are made using only the freshest ingredients and without added preservatives, flavours or food colours. They can be enjoyed as simple spreads for a quick snack, or used in cooking to create tasty meals with ease.

Grandma's Jams are a naturally delicious addition to your desserts, meals, or sweet treats!

** product varies at each shop location **


Grandma's Jams

Grandma's Ice Creams


Grandma's Ice Cream

Yes we make amazing homestyle ice cream with the very best, real ingredients and no added preservatives or food colourings.

We make authentic flavours such as: Halva ( white sesame ), vanilla bean, Rose, Chocolate, Vanilla Mix Nuts and more.

You can enjoy our ice-cream in the cafe area, or as a yummy take away treat.

** product varies at each shop location **