5 / 42 O'Riordan Street 2015 Alexandria, NSW
Phone: 33601698337
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About Grandma's

GRANDMA'S is a home-style cooking and baking concept. We are bringing together flavours and loved recipes that have been passed down to us from real Grandma's and Grandpa's from all over the world.

Our philosophy is:

  • Simple, real, fresh and healthy food. 
  • Food that makes you feel good and you can eat it every day. 
  • Always original loved recipes. 




The Story Behind our Menu

Our menu is a unique blend of traditional flavours and recipes inspired by the following people:


The Mediterranean influence Borekas pastry, Shakshuka dishes variety of breakfast.


The tastes of North Africa. Authentic dips frittata and exotic fillings , stuffed vegetables , cooked meals


Healthy Greek meals and salads.


The Italian connection pasta and rich sauces.




Grandma's Tender Loving Care

Made from Scratch

Most of our products are made by us from scratch. Be sure to try our selection of products

Healthy Cooking

We love cooking with extra virgin olive oil

Reduced Salt

reduced salt

Our meals & products have reduced salt. The doctor says it’s better for you. 

No Added Preservatives

Our products are all natural & have
no added preservatives.

Bakery Treats


Some of the pastries & sweets can be a bit naughty
but just remember to eat these treats in moderation!