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Grandma's Dips

Delicious Range of Homemade Dips

Grandma’s authentic dips are some of the tastiest dips you will ever treat yourself to. All of our fresh dips are made with love, infulenced by our Grandma's recipes.  We use only the highest quality ingredients with no added artificial colors, flavours or preservatives.

We have a wide range of dips available that are all handmade in our kitchen. With so many delicious options, we cater for all tastes such as dips for Vegetarians, as well as Dairy-free and Gluten-free!

Many of the meals served in our restaurant use our dips. Once you’ve found your favourite Grandma's dip, you'll find that they are also available for sale in ready-made packs - straight from our fridge to yours!  


Grandma's Dips

Our dips are fantastic to share with family and friends, around the table, or just enjoy with bread or crackers as a simple and tasty snack! Some of the dips can even be used with pasta or as a side dish to create a delicious, homemade meals.

The Dips Combination

Be Adventurous! Play with the flavours and tantalize your tastebuds. You will be surprised how simple and delicious it is to create amazing, unique flavours! Try beautiful combinations like Grandma´s Hummus with the Shakshuka Base/ Mix, Tzaziki Dip with Sundried Tomato Paste, Baba-Ganosh with Coriander … and more – find your perfect blend of flavours today!

*All our dips are handmade daily and are subject to availability*

** product varies at each shop location **

Grandma's Dips
Grandma's Dips
Grandma's Fresh dips