5 / 42 O'Riordan Street 2015 Alexandria, NSW
Phone: 33601698337

Grandma's Coffee

Enjoy the most delicious cup of coffee at Grandma's

Our blend is famous for its truly balanced characteristics and memorable flavours! 

Invite your palate to experience an unforgettable journey beginning with exotic sweet fruits from the forest then allow this blends thick syrup mouth feel lead you then into the lingering toffee and agave undertones.

Enjoy our great Barista made coffee when you dine-in or take-away.

Grandma's also sell 1 kilogram bags of coffee that are available in all of our shops and soon also in Grandma's shop online.

Drop in to any of our Grandma's Shops to have a consistently good cup of coffee! 

 You will LOVE Grandma's Coffee!


Coffee at Grandma's