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Grandma's Olives & Olive Oil

Grandma's Olive Oil

Extra Virgin - First Cold Pressing 

Made from the best quality 100% Australian olives, Grandma's Extra Virgin Olive Oil is first cold pressed and carefully selected and produced by the award winning Fedra Olive Grove at Collector NSW where Grandma's at the Farm is located. Learn more about Grandmas at the Farm.

For generations Grandmas have used olive oil in homestyle family recipes as it is delicious, very healthy and free from preservatives, cholesterol and salt. 

Grandma's olive oil is fantastic to use in dressing salads, dips, cooking and light pan / grilled meals.


Grandmas Olives and Olive Oil

Grandma's Mixed Olives

Delicious Deli Style 

Made from the best quality Grandma's Australian Olives. Our Olives are carefully selected and produced by the award winning Fedra Olive Grove at Collector NSW.  That's where you will find Grandma's at the Farm. 

Made from the Mediterranean recipe - lightly seasoned with oregano, a fresh squeeze of lemon and a pinch of salt, these olives are nothing but authentic and delicious. Grandma's Mixed Olives are great to enjoy as nibble with some nuts and drinks, add to your favourite salads,  as addition to cheese or meat platters or to add as a side to any dish.


Grandma's at the Farm 

In the heart of Fedra Olive Grove

Located in the amazing Olive Grove on the Federal Highway near Collector NSW, approximately 40 minutes from Canberra, Australia and just 20 minutes from Goulburn. Over 6,000 olive trees are used to produce the award winning extra virgin olive oil, as well as our delicious olives.

Fedra Olive Grove was awarded the Australian Olive Grove of the Year in 2009 and since then has continued to be awarded multiple Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for both its extra virgin olive oil and olives.  We hope you can visit us soon.