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Articles for Month of January 2016


Posted on 18 Jan, 2016

Grandmas Olive Oil

We love our new Grandma's Olive oil - Extra Virgin First Cold Pressing and Mix olives Deli Style.  All carefully selected and produced by the Award Winning Fedra Olive Grove at Collector NSW Australia. This is where Grandma's at the Farm is located.

Learn more about our delicious new Olive Oil and Olives.

From time to time we will be sharing interesting news about olive oil, olives, some delicious recipe ideas and much more. So we’d recommend that you pop back here every now and then to Grandma's Blog. 

Everything you need to know about a Virgin?

  1. Never was a virgin.
    Many imported olive oils found in Australia are passed off, labelled and sold to the public as extra virgin even though that are not extra virgin. 
  2. Could have been a virgin.
    Many olive oils are spoiled by pressing faults, such as a delayed pressing, unclean presses and bad storage methods.
  3. Once was a virgin.
    Olive oil does not improve with age as with red wine. Wherever possible buy your olive oil from the current season. An extra virgin oil can quickly become stale, rancid or just tired, especially when stored in the wrong conditions.
  4. Should have been a virgin.
    Often one simple factor such as a delay in pressing will cause oxidation in the fruit, resulting in a failure to be classed as extra virgin.
  5. Too old to be a virgin.
    All oils have a limited shelf life. A ‘best before date’ of 2 years from production is acceptable. After this period of time there will be a deterioration and loss of aroma and taste. The olive oil will become stale and very ordinary at best.
  6. How to pick a virgin.
    Nice, fresh fruit and vegetable aromas. Clean flavours in the mouth with some pepper aftertaste are all good indications. Oils purchased direct from an olive oil processor are the best guarantee of freshness and quality.
  7. What's not a virgin.
    Pure olive oil, light lilv oil and pomace olive oil are all refined using chemicals. They should never be used for cooking.
  8. How to press a virgin.
    Perfect fruit, pressed quickly in a spotlessly clean press is the best way to ensure a high quality, extra virgin olive oil.
  9. Wanted to be a virgin.
    The demand for extra virgin olive oil is increasing more than genuine extra olive oil. With poor labelling laws, olive oils that are not extra virgin can however be labelled as 'extra virgin ' and sold in countries like Australia. Blending of poor quality olive oils with hazelnut oil are being marketed as extra virgin olive oil. Olive oil fraud is huge and rapidly increasing across the industry as companies try to increase profits with cheaper production costs.
  10. How to treat a virgin.
    Always store extra virgin oils in a dark, away from any heat source.  Once opened, try to use regularly until empty. 

Special thanks to Fedra Olive Grove for sharing this info.


Posted on 07 Jan, 2016



Cookie Baking Classes

We love our traditional cookies and we are sure that you love them too! Each year we celebrate a special day with all of Grandma’s cookies, so come and join us at our Rosebery Cafe!



We are offering FREE Children Cookie Baking Classes! Get the kids involved in baking by giving them a chance to make their own yummy baked cookies at Grandma’s. 
Our Sessions – 10:00am or 11:30 am
*Reservations are essential (limited spots available) 
Please email us -
*Suitable for 5-11 year olds  *not suitable for kids with any allergies 


There will be all day tasting options of our delicious cookie range and free oriental tea.


Get your Christmas gift-shopping done with our Grandma’s natural handmade cookies at special pricing!